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iNFORMER is a prototype application developed by Redland specifically for Commercial Warehouse market operations.

With iNFORMER a commercial view of your business is provided in real-time at your fingertips by collecting, collating and presenting information from multiple data sources to support decision-making, allowing you to direct operations, implement strategies & improve service levels and your business bottom line.

The iNFORMER application can provide information for decision-makers relating to the commercial performance of warehouse operations and provide informed views for managers to make immediate & strategic decisions which will have immediate commercial significance.

By using iNFORMER you can identify which types of business drive the most profitable returns, provide direction into which clients, product types & workers require closer monitoring & focus thus improving overall operations and time / profit management.

In Summary iNFORMER Provides…

  • Commercial view of your business
  • Operational & Strategic decision making
  • Unlocks the value in your data
  • Maximises your Investment
  • Improves performance

Why not take 2 minutes to watch the video below and see iNFORMER in use.

This may turn out to be the best investment of 2 minutes for you and your business this year.


Key design criteria:-

  • Uses Transaction and Storage Data extracted from Warehouse Management System
  • Uses Worker Time Duration and Rate data from Time Management System
  • Allows the configuration of Master Data and Rules Data e.g. KPI data
  • Externally Hosted – no infrastructure worries
  • Weekly, Monthly views
  • Mobile Device Suitability
  • PC Browser Suitability
  • Easy to create customer data source interface files (e,g, CSV)
  • Data Warehouse optimised for reporting and analysis
  • Based on best of breed Business Intelligence software (MicroStrategy)

Key capabilities of the iNFORMER product.

As can be seen from the list below iNFORMER can provide you with the information you need to manage your Warehouse operations providing detailed information based on……

  • Total Profit
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Cost
  • All Above
    • By Client
    • By Product Type 
  • Warehouse Transactions Profit
  • Warehouse Transactions Revenue
  • Warehouse Transactions Cost
  • All Above
    • By WORKERS Productivity/Cost
    • By CLIENT (and Client Type) Profitability/Cost
    • By PRODUCT (and Product Type) Profitability/Cost
    • By WAREHOUSE (and Warehouse Area) Profitability/Cost
    • By TRANSACTION TYPE (e.g. PICK, REPLENISH) Productivity/Cost 
  • Storage Profit
  • Storage Revenue
  • Storage Cost
  • All Above
    • By CLIENT (and Client Type) Profitability/Cost
    • By PRODUCT (and Product Type) Profitability/Cost
    • By WAREHOUSE (and Product Type) Profitability/Cost
  •  What if analysis
    • Ad hoc reporting is inbuilt into the application
    • Flexible reporting for analysts


hosted environment

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