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Usher provides a modern safe learning environment protecting campus and users private information. By providing a secure authentication to access systems, Universities can detect any unusual or suspicious behaviour on campus or when students and staff are assessing resources.

Usher functionality allows it to locate, communicate and alert users in real-time, allowing faster campus wide communication and smarter emergency responses to developing situations. With the ability to maximise physical and logical resource utilisation which in turn increases student, staff and faculty productivity.

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Improve emergency response with real-time insight into the location of users.
Usher gives colleges and universities the ability to take fast, targeted action during campus emergencies. By providing real-time location data on every user, and the ability to communicate with all impacted students and staff, Usher gives administrators the tools to manage any situation.

Students can use the app to report incidents, and administrators can identify and track the exact location of users in distress and send important messages via email, text, or phone call.

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Replace student IDs with secure digital badges.

Usher can replace student ID and campus loyalty cards with digital badges delivered via smartphone. These badges can be used by faculty to verify student attendance, and students can use their assigned badges to access campus facilities and systems.

The Usher badge can be integrated into library systems to streamline the checkout and return process and can be used with campus dining point-of-sale systems.

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Issue personalised digital badges to alumni so they can continue to engage with the university.

Alumni engagement is vital to the life of every university. Usher lets colleges provide a visitor badge for alumni, who can be given temporary, customised levels of access to the digital and physical campus ecosystem. Usher protects campus systems and doorways with convenient and secure authentication methods, while also collecting access-related telemetry for further analysis.

Using these tools, administrators in alumni affairs and development offices can see which alumni frequent campus the most and where they visit, so they can improve outreach efforts to those individuals.


Issue digital badges to faculty and staff to control and monitor access to facilities.

Usher allows universities to issue digital badges to faculty and staff so they can access physical entryways, like class buildings, labs, and libraries, as well as university systems and applications, conveniently and securely.

Users can unlock doors and gates simply by walking up to them or tapping a digital key on their phone. Usher also generates back-end telemetry data on user behaviour and location, so campus security and administrators can maintain a full view of activity across school grounds.

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