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Data Warehousing


why data warehousing?

The data that companies must manage and secure continues to grow exponentially.

As a result, customers are looking for cost-effective, flexible, scaleable, high-performance data platform and data warehousing solutions.

First class data warehousing solutions allow organisations to efficiently manage enterprise information and deliver insight that drives business decisions.

Specific Data Warehousing Services

  • Data Warehouse as a hosted and managed service
  • Data Warehouse/mart design and development
  • Integration and Interface management
  • Extract Transform & Load (ETL) design, development and support.
  • Solution Support and Maintenance

By nature a business is a highly complex model. This complexity often leads to the creation of a large amount of data stored disparately over multiple databases, recording the day to day activities of the organisation and the many transactions that take place.

The existence of data from multiple data sources in this manner can make the management of data in support of good decision making very complex. One way of managing this complexity is to adopt an approach known as a data warehouse, thereby enabling the automation of data requests from systems such as CRM, ERP, HR, Finance as well as any external sources. This model also allows the addition of new data sources, and the updating the feeds from those sources which are to be upgraded in the near future.

How can you tell if you need a Data Warehouse?

Whilst no two companies are the same, there are common themes that point to the need for a Data Warehouse. These include the following scenarios you may recognise.

a) Reports / Spreadsheets are produced from multiple systems around the business which are joined together for management to view. Nobody is sure if the numbers are correct at the end of the process. “Spreadsheet hell!”

b) You want to report the last 3 years’ sales data – BUT the sales system can only hold a year’s worth of data.

c) Monthly compliance figures are held in a series of spreadsheets; Jan, Feb, March… A trend analysis request means opening each spreadsheet requiring you to keep flipping from one to the other, to the other and so on.

d) You arrive at a meeting with your management information. Colleagues have done the same and guess what? No two reports offer the same totals, “Which version of the truth will you use?”

e) Different company systems hold what is essentially the same data but in different formats making it difficult to interpret reports that have been derived. You start to think it would be a good idea if there was some kind of common theme, like a data dictionary perhaps.

f) Your company uses a Business Intelligence reporting tool, or individual systems come with pre-packaged reporting capability, but as soon as you need a report that spans two or more data sources it becomes at best “difficult” and sometimes even “impossible”.

If you recognise or encounter issues like these maybe it’s time you gave us a call and we can discuss how you can Transform your data in to Intelligence!!!

“Enterprise-class scale and performance,
…allowing for your most demanding requirements”

Why Redland?

Our dedicated and focused Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence consultancy provides our clients with the skills and knowledge at all stages of their data warehouse implementation from design to deployment and support.

Trust Redland to meet your most demanding data-warehousing requirements and benefit from enterprise-class scale and performance. Take advantage of hardware choice, data warehouse reference architectures, and support for near real-time data.

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