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Business Intelligence


why business intelligence?

Business Intelligence solutions allow organisations to get a more accurate and detailed picture of their business’s performance and their customers’ behaviour.

BI can allow a deep level of insight and regular in-depth monitoring to be accessible to both technical and non-technical staff.

A good Business Intelligence solution for your company will bring previously unseen connections to the fore, and allow you to see every aspect of your business in detail.

Specific BI Services

  • Business Intelligence tool selection
  • Business and Requirements Analysis
  • Design, development, implementation and support

“Let the technology work for you”

Why Redland?

Redland specialises in the development and implementation of business intelligence solutions. We can provide you with the ability to make faster and smarter decisions about how to manage your company.

All Business Intelligence solutions rely on data collected from other systems, and Redland recognises the need for a full end-to-end BI managed solution and provide all of the required services to compliment the BI toolkit (Microstrategy, Microsoft for example), notably business analysis, design, integration and database management services and project and programme management.

Redland offers frameworks, tools and accelerators to implement your Business Intelligence project. We work closely with our clients to provide them with solutions that enable them to make better use of information within their organisations, maximising its value and ultimately achieving more efficient use of resources, improved service delivery and significant, measurable cost savings.

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