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Sysphera Corporate Performance Management

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When businesses have looked at Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting solutions the common dilemma has seemed to be:-

  • Use of spreadsheets – Whilst Finance professionals may know and understand spreadsheets their usage can become unwieldy when managing complex workflows and multiple budgets around a business. To get round this businesses often find coping mechanisms due to perceived cost constraints. But if they reviewed total costs, cost of errors and value for money through improved analytical techniques they might be more inclined to opt for an alternative approach such as Sysphera.
  • D.I.Y. – Some in-house developments have been attempted though they tend to be expensive to maintain and difficult to use.
  • “Cheap and cheerful” I.T. solutions – A number of solutions exist in the market which are cheap to buy, but often low in features and expensive to maintain.
  • Enterprise CPM solutions – There is a handful of CPM applications, Sysphera included, that are fully featured enterprise-scale (and scalable) solutions. What can put businesses off these offerings with the exception of perhaps larger corporate organisations, is the price-tag that is associated with the top few. These solutions also tend to be built around a small select group of Business Intelligence software vendors thus limiting choice for those companies who do not currently have a particular BI preference.

Redland chose Sysphera due to its broad range of features and functionality coupled with its competitive price at the enterprise level with equally competitive offerings at mid-range or smaller implementations.

Sysphera; enables any company to select a CPM solution based on Microsoft, MicroStrategy and QlikView B.I. platforms which already may be in place. Add to that a choice of Cloud-based or In-House implementations and the Sysphera CPM solution makes good business sense for any operation.

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Further information is also available directly from Sysphera on their website accessible from the following link www.sysphera.com/EN/ .

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