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why rackspace?

About our Rackspace Partnership

When our customers require a hosted solution and support they want it to be responsive, reliable, secure, scalable and high performance. This is why we chose Rackspace as our hosting provider.

The Rackspace approach is more than server hosting. It is about customer service, expertly managing mission-critical IT environments and infrastructures 24/7/365.

A few reasons why we chose Rackspace

Leading IT hosting provider – Gartner has recognised Rackspace as a leader in the hosting industry and Microsoft has awarded Rackspace the coveted Hosting Partner of the Year accolade three times.

High availability and high performance network – with multiple redundancies built into its systems and numerous network providers delivering high performance bandwidth to its data centres Rackspace provides unequalled network performance and availability. This maximises network uptime and reduces performance latencies, ensuring the data you need is available whenever you need it.

Built to scale quickly to meet customers’ needs – Rackspace can rapidly scale the hosted environment to meet not only the growing computing and storage needs of a Business Intelligence deployment but also to meet unplanned immediate needs. This effectively means scaling on demand.

Backup solutions that ensure data availability – Rackspace provides flexible and resilient backup solutions for your data so that should any of the hardware fail critical information can be restored without complications.

You are secure because Rackspace is secure – Rackspace ensures maximum protection for your data by covering all three areas of security – physical, operational and system security.

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