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When mobile apps and analytics join forces

2nd August 2022

Mobile technology is changing the way we work

When mobile apps and analytics join forces

Business doesn’t stop when employees step away from their desks. In fact, we’re trending toward more and more business happening on the go as the use of Smartphones and Tablets has grown rapidly. In a short time span, desktop is likely to lose its top spot to mobile as the platform that users spend the most time on.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for businesses to fully leverage the power of mobile to boost productivity, increase collaboration, and get unprecedented access to information. And when mobile apps and analytics are integrated on a single platform, it completely changes how business decisions get made.

Here are five things you’ll start to see when mobile apps and analytics are brought together through a single platform.

1. Non-technical workers stop cringing at the mere mention of “data”​

When data is presented in a beautiful, accurate, user-friendly, and accessible way, it becomes an invaluable tool for the business user. Delivering analytics to a phone or tablet forces an organisation to sift through the clutter and decide what information is most meaningful to their employees. The result is an intuitive experience that anyone can gain insights from, no matter their technical ability.

2. Productivity happens everywhere—Even en route to meetings

Real-time access to data gives employees the power to be productive while out in the field. That means key tasks and decisions are completed faster and more efficiently. Armed with the tools for mobile productivity, users can go from a consumption-oriented mindset to an action-based one. An executive can have a meeting about changing the value of a sales opportunity and immediately record the change in their Salesforce system. Or, a manager can pull out their phone to approve or deny a purchase order request while walking from one meeting to the next.

3. Communication roadblocks are overcome

Access to real-time information, available to stakeholders at any time and in any location, is overcoming communication roadblocks. When the latest information is always available, anyone with access to mobile analytics can see how their business is doing at that very moment and take appropriate action.

4. Collaboration reaches an all-time high

With mobile apps and analytics working together, a manager can pull up a dashboard, annotate it with feedback or questions, and share it with team members via email with questions like, “what’s going on with these numbers?” or “why did this outcome happen?” Or, interactive, data-driven discussions can happen in real-time during meetings, with team members changing filters, zooming in on certain results, and asking proactive questions throughout. That means it’s easier to get everyone on the same page and committed to making the most of company data.

5. Time will be freed up for more productive things

Every business wants to be more efficient, understand what’s working and what areas need improvement, and make sure all employees are on the same page. When mobile apps and analytics join forces, time spent pouring over spreadsheets can instead be spent finding new ways to build even better companies

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