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The Intelligent Enterprise

4th January 2022

Business Intelligence trends for 2022.

The Intelligent Enterprise represents the ultimate data-driven organisation. It injects data at the heart of its business and inspires an information-first culture. It fuels every person, device, and application with on-the-fly insights, predictions, and recommendations for smarter everyday decisions. It celebrates data, understands its customers, and provides products and services tailored to their personalised needs. In a world where departmental silos of information don’t cut it anymore, the Intelligent Enterprise goes well beyond traditional analytics and basic data discovery, elevating knowledge across the workforce.

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise is not easy, and the transformation does not happen overnight. Leading enterprises are embracing a host of techniques and technologies to become more intelligent. From adopting machine learning and predictive analytics to powering tailor-made decisions with location-based telemetry, real-time data access, and personalised alerts, the key is to focus on solution-driven capabilities.

Learn more about what it takes to become an Intelligent Enterprise—check out this list of 13 critical capabilities.

critical capabilities

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