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Modern enterprise security

11th January 2022

Modern enterprise security

95% of IT security incidents involve attackers harvesting stolen credentials from customers and re-using them to log into applications.

You will appreciate therefore that the modern enterprise faces significant security challenges and these fall into two categories, namely logical and physical security.

Logical – Including connected devices, domains, servers, databases, control systems etc.

Physical – Including offices, distribution centres, call centres, warehouses, factories etc.

Historically organisations have dealt with logical and physical security using separate systems, often by separate parts of the organisation where I.T. dealt with logical security and Facilities/Estate Management dealt with the security of physical assets. It is now recognised that there are security benefits in looking at just one holistic model. Usher is a security, analytics and productivity solution all in a single application (holistic model).

Usher enterprise security

Usher replaces physical badges, passwords and security tokens with digital badges delivered via smartphones. These digital badges lock-down logical and physical assets without sacrificing convenience and in addition uncover business benefits. Usher enterprise is wide-ranging but its essential components include:-

Digital badges – Computer passwords have been in use since the 1960s and RFID cards since the 1970s and though they have served us quite well they are enterprise authentication methods that are increasingly likely to put an organisation’s information and facilities at risk. Usher offers digital identity badges, delivered via the smartphone, as a convenient and more secure alternative

Digital wallet – Individuals can have multiple roles and personas within an organisation. Usher is able to take all of these credentials and store them in a convenient digital wallet on the user’s smartphone. This could involve multiple digital badges, representing multiple ID cards, passwords and other credentials, enabling users to access specific physical gateways and logical systems e.g. doors, check-in desks, web applications and VPNs. Where a user is not authorised, access will be denied.

Logical access – What a chore it is to have to remember multiple passwords for all of the systems you have access to. Usher provides a single application allowing access to a wide variety of applications, workstations and VPNs eliminating the need for passwords.

Physical access – Physical security is recognised by all organisations as important but they have legitimate concerns about the infrastructure costs involved in changing or improving existing physical access systems. With Usher it is easy to roll-out strong, multi-factor authentication without replacing infrastructure by plugging in to existing physical access control (PAC) systems. Authentication systems can involve Bluetooth, Beacons, Digital Keys and QR codes. For more high-profile assets and facilities Usher can incorporate biometrics and one-time passcodes.

Security analytics – A tremendous amount of data is generated as a by-product of access and authorisation methods but when it sits in silos based on disparate systems it often goes unused. Usher empowers organisations to analyse this data and turn it into actionable business and security insights.

Strong authentication – Multi-factor authentication is great for security but it can cause friction at every log-in and place a burden on legitimate users. Usher can combine adaptive security that requires additional factors only when certain risk-based criteria are met. Techniques include :-

  • Geo-fencing
  • One-time passwords
  • Proximity-based authentication
  • Time-fencing
  • QR codes
  • Biometrics

User validation – Validation using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as date of birth, mother’s maiden name and national insurance number is never fool-proof because such details may be easily stolen or compromised. Usher offers peer to peer validation eliminating the need to rely on PII.

Identity and Access Management – The Usher platform can be an integral part of an organisation’s IAM ecosystem.

Why not experience Usher for yourself?

  • You can take a tour of the Usher Virtual Lab using a test badge and experience at first-hand how Usher can streamline enterprise access and authentication. All you will need to do is download the Usher app and get a test badge – you will then be ready to take the tour.
  • You may prefer to book a demonstration of Usher
  • You may, in the first instance, wish to receive further information

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