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Digital transformation of Higher Education

16th October 2018

Digital transformation of Higher Education

Applications for Higher Education.

The challenge

With increasing competition for students, faculty,
and funding, institutions of higher education
need to harness the power of data to streamline
operations and enhance the student experience.
At the same time, integration with legacy banner
systems can result in deployment costs that strain
tight budgets. Furthermore, threats to colleges and
universities, both online and on campus, demonstrate
an urgent need for security and intelligence about
students and staff more than ever before.

The solution

By seamlessly integrating with a variety of systems,
the MicroStrategy 10 platform presents a wide
variety of potential benefits to higher education
institutions, which can use our software to
promote educational accountability and academic
achievement, manage students from recruitment to
post-graduation, and analyze institutional data in a
cost-effective manner. Furthermore, by delivering
convenient mobile-based identity services to
campus community members, MicroStrategy’s
enterprise security offerings can protect valuable
intellectual assets and safeguard physical locations.

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