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Why Customers Choose Redland


As an organisation, Redland only focuses on data warehousing and business intelligence and provides a one stop shop of technical and delivery professionals for all your BI project and support needs.


Redland has a strong team of experienced data warehouse and business intelligence professionals bringing decades of knowledge and know how to be successful in the most complex and demanding projects.

Highly Trained

Redland staff are provided with the best possible training programmes to equip them with the highly specialised skills to deliver DW and BI services.

Solutions & Services

Redland provides a flexible engagement model and can deliver solutions or services depending on the particular client need.

Responsive & Agile

Redland’s size makes us easy to do business with and we are widely acknowledged for our responsiveness, agility and change management excellence.


Our integrated solutions using Microsoft BI and Microstrategy® toolkits enable Redland to provide “Best in Business Intelligence” solutions to our clients.

Tactical or Strategic Resourcing

Redland can be engaged as a tactical or strategic resourcing option to provide;

  • additional resource to in-house teams in critical project periods
  • expertise where clients currently lack in-house skills
  • expertise to clients whilst transferring skills to the in-house team
  • an accelerator to your BI programme giving a faster return on investment


Our size and focus limits our corporate overheads enabling Redland to be price competitive in the BI market.

“As a strategic supplier to Tunstall Healthcare, Redland have played a key role in helping us to understand and develop the BI components in our software solutions. Redland are easy to do business with, are flexible and responsive, whilst still delivering a quality result.”

“They have demonstrated excellent technical skills, especially around our data warehouse development and Microstrategy needs, along with the reliability and attention to detail that are key aspects for a business partner.”

Jim Charvill
Group Software Development Director, Tunstall

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